About me

Welcome to my blog. Writing had always been my passion since my childhood;used to write short stories when I was in my 5th grade.Then there was a big gap in continuing this passion of mine.My roles as a professional,wife and a mom took priority pushing my passion to a backseat. Now I have revived my passion through blogging.

This blog of mine will be on a wide range of topics of my interest. It all started when my family and few of my friends brought in a lot of discussions and I really enjoyed in participating those topics. Eventually I started reading a lot just to argue with them 😊 ;this interest of mine has now transformed me into an amateur blogger. Thanks to my family.I truly hope you all enjoy reading my blog.

Blogging has been the quintessential routine in my everyday life. It has been the medium through which I communicate to the external world. What started as a hobby has made me think to take writing on a serious level.

I have started copywriting on case studies, Strategic management theories with reference and citations, brand campaign presentations and many more. I also write blog posts and articles on various niches. If you need any help with copywriting/content writing, please drop me a mail at samsimi611@gmail.com.

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