Writer’s Block

Writer's block is real and I realized that. When I started writing, I never thought I would go into such a huge break from what I loved doing daily. It is not that I run out of ideas but I just couldn't put pen to paper. I just wanted to reach to all my fellow... Continue Reading →

How to Write Effective Content For a Client Who Requires References and Citations

Photo by Andreea-Maria Juganaru on Unsplash A report from Forbes shows that a third of US working population would have done freelancing of time in their life. Freelancing has been the most viable option for many at present. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely triggered this situation even more. With more and more workforce wanting to break the... Continue Reading →

Is Freelancing right for you

Photo by Rodeo Project Management Software on Unsplash When I started as a freelancer, I used to read many such articles and was quite fascinated by many of them. But little did I think if freelancing was for me. In my opinion, not everybody can sustain as a freelancer for long unless they have a few qualities. Every... Continue Reading →

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