I may not Abandon my Mask anytime Soon for these 5 Reasons. Here’s why

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash Last year this time, when COVID’19 was tearing down the globe and millions of precious lives were lost, mask seemed to be the only protective shield each one of us had. From the supermarket giants to street vendors, mask mandate has been a common sign on every door that we push or... Continue Reading →

EU Approach towards COVID

Europe has been one of the worlds most affected nations by COVID. The EU had miserably failed during their initial days of the pandemic, mainly because they could not react fast enough. Since EU was hit relatively earlier than the other countries, there were no clear strategies in place. So, how did they bounce back?... Continue Reading →

What Corona virus has taught us

Corona virus pandemic has definitely taken a toll on everybody’s life. But on the flip side it has also brought in many good changes to our lifestyles which could not have been possible during normal time. Let us ignore all the conspiracy theories around the pandemic and just appreciate a few positive changes that the... Continue Reading →

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