Why is Drishyam 2 a must watch

The success of any movie is a flawless storyline and how all the open plots are solved at the end; Biopics and movies based on true life apparently become a hit nowadays because one cannot find logical flaws in such genre. But to do the same in a fictional genre, it lays entirely on the capability of the director and Jeethu Joseph has mastered it with his ‘Drishyam’ brand.

Banana sweet – Indian style

The most common fruit in southern part of India is banana. There are many recipes made from this fruit because of its abundance in the region. This recipe is famously called as 'Kachayam' and is an integral part of many households. Kids enjoy this delicious recipe as a snack during their evenings. Its crispy texture... Continue Reading →

Sabhudana Kichadi

Sabhudana (Tapioca pearls) kichadi is one of the most sought after breakfast during auspicious occasions like Navratri , Ekadashi, when people have to fast the entire day. Sabhudana is high in carbs and a good energy source and thus people have this kichadi for instant energy boost. These tapioca pearls absorbs a lot of water... Continue Reading →

Stuffed vegetable – Methi Thepla

Thepla is a type of Indian flatbread made out of wheat flour and besan (chickpea flour). It is a highly flavorful recipe with lots of herbs and spices. Thepla is mainly consumed in the northern part of India and in particular the Jain community as a evening snack or breakfast. With lots of stuffed vegetables,... Continue Reading →

Mysore Pak – (Indian sweet )

Mysore pak, is an Indian sweet that is delicious and just melts in your mouth . It is said that this dish was an experimental dish by "Kakasura Madappa", the chief chef of 'The Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar' . He tried to create a sweet for the king with simple ingredients and it turned out... Continue Reading →

Eggless Banana bread

Banana breads are my family's favorite evening time snack. Whenever we have leftover bananas that get too ripe to be consumed, it's 'banana bread' time 😊 . With all the nuts and dry fruits added, the bread becomes a healthy option too. The soft and moist bread can be stored for at least a week... Continue Reading →

Avocado toast – A breakfast delight

Avocados are one of the most nutritious fruit one can have for their breakfast. The fruit being rich in fiber and anti-oxidants, is good for heart's health. The fruit reduces bad cholesterol from our body and balances with good cholesterol. The buttery texture of the fruit keeps you full and helps you from over-eating. This... Continue Reading →

Hark back to 2020

2020 has been a historical year and will be remembered by the generations to come. It has taught us a few important lessons that have flipped the lifestyle of many. The year made us take a pause and retrospect ourselves. This year, many of us have transformed for the better either physically or emotionally. Apart... Continue Reading →

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