Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is real and I realized that. When I started writing, I never thought I would go into such a huge break from what I loved doing daily. It is not that I run out of ideas but I just couldn’t put pen to paper. I just wanted to reach to all my fellow writers and ask how are you all handling this. If you had one , how long did it last. Will appreciate each one of your reply. Please do post your comments and help me get through this. Will bounce back soon.


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

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  1. Well, if I were to put my opinion on this Srimathi, it is just that either I got too busy or I didn’t want to share all I feel and experience with the public. It could also be that I am reading more than writing. Just think which of these suit you.


    1. Sure. In my case it is that I wanted to write but could not put pen to paper and pick the momentum. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Appreciate!


  2. has been feeling the same from a quite a sometime, not able to get out of the phase but Yeah I think as they say take baby steps. So believe starting out small might work. One paragraph rather than a complete article might serve the purpose at this time


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