Get well soon Bharathi Bhaskar

I know that am a little late in wishing her well, but did not want to delay more.


For people who may not know her, Bharathi Bhaskar is a tamil public speaker / orator who has performed hundreds and thousands of stage shows. She has been an integral part of several debates (popularly called as ‘Pattimandram’) moderated by the renowned scholar ‘Solomon Pappiah‘. Her combination with ‘Pattimandram Raja’ has been a sensational hit. While Raja majorly entertains the audience with lighter comments on the topic of debate, Bharathi Bhaskar always renders a scholarly speech. Her points are all well researched and backed with strong facts. Her delivery of speech with a strong sense of conviction has always left me awe struck. Her speeches are not just well prepared , but she also ensures to counter all the arguments put-forth on the stage with relevant facts which shows how observant she is.

Bharathi Bhaskar has mastered the skill of public speaking which is actually ranked as the second biggest fear in the world. One cannot ace at this skill if they are not well read and well prepared. Her hard work in preparing for each of her stage, shows her dedication. Her love for reading is so inspiring. Her regards for renowned authors like Balakumaran, Jayamohan, Sujatha and many more are so obvious from the speeches . Not just Indian authors , she reads a lot of English authors like Jeffrey Archer too. In her youtube series ‘Oru Kadhai Solatuma’ she handpicks books for her audience and read out the stories for them. The way in which she reads and explains is so refreshing and make us acquire a new perspective to the stories that we already know. Her fondness for reading was not accidental or forced, it was just in her blood. Bharathi’s mom had been a voracious reader too. Her mom used to wait in line outside a book store after her day long work to get the book of her favorite author. It is quite natural that she had been a prolific reader.Bharathi has always mentioned that she had been surrounded by powerful women in her life.

The Tamil literary world have not seen many poetess or female orators right from ancient Tamil eras. Very few have been able to contribute to the Tamil literature .Bharathi Bhaskar is one just gem the Tamil literature has got.I have always been attracted to her scholarliness, but her recent youtube series ‘Siragai Viri Para’ has just made me see her as my ‘Hero’. The way she talks about the greatest truths of life by quoting anecdotes from Mahabharata (an Indian epic) is just jaw dropping. Each episode touches our heart and just gets straight through.I really wish all those episodes are translated or just compiled as a podcast and saved for the future. They are treasures for this world according to me.

Bharathi has been one of those prolific personalities that many women aspire to be. She is multifaceted who handles all her roles both in personal and professional life with ease . Her time management is something each one of us should learn from. From being a sr. vice president at one of the leading banks in India and to travel around the world to perform stage shows , she has had a busy professional life. Amidst this she never fails to perform her duties as a mom and wife.

Sometimes nature decides to provide rest to these personalities in a tragic way. Her recent brain surgery came as a shock to many people including me. Although am happy that she is recovering well, I miss seeing her videos every week. All her speeches are truly motivational. She is one personality who can convince you through facts. For people who know about Ramayana (another Indian epic), would you regard Bharatha or Vibhishana as the better brother? Am sure most of us would vote for Bharatha, but Bharathi Bhaskar can convince that Vibhishana has sacrificed more for his brother and hence to be regarded as the best brother in Indian literature. Such is her speech prowess. Her stature on stage is like a lioness and I wish to see her back in form . The literary world needs her. There is lot more to be contributed by her. Come back soon Mrs. Bhaskar, the world is waiting for you and so am I.

Thanks for reading, please keep her in your prayers.


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