8 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Writer

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

I understand that being successful as a new writer is not easy. It could be overwhelming among millions of other bloggers out there. When I started writing a few months back, it was the same for me too. I would come up with topics, thinking the reader might feel overjoyed and my piece would be a hit, and boom! nothing happens. ‘Becoming viral ‘ is the new trend; but as newbies, that should not be your focus in its entirety.

One should remember that each article you create today would remain in this cloud of the internet for years and is almost a ‘History’ to remain. So, it is necessary to choose and write words diligently.

In a world of millions of bloggers, none of them have the time to read and everybody is busy writing. In such a system, the key is to attract readers. In the current world, time is the highest investment one can make. So, do not take it for granted. Everybody here has been through this nascent stage of writing.

A few strategies work as a thumb rule for most writers, whereas certain stratagems work only for a few. It is quintessential for the writers to pick and choose what works for them.

Here are a few that worked for me.

1.Fear of Rejection

Fail fast. Yes, you heard it right. It is necessary to fail fast and early in your career. Rejections are quite common in any field, and writing — a sure yes! But make sure you learn from them.

Failures offer experiences that no biography and stories can offer

You can only get better at being rejected. There could be thousands of blogs sharing their experience about earning money within a month or days after they started writing. Chill, that does not guarantee that it might work for you. Everybody’s writing journey is different. Each of our niches could be different, or we might not even niche down, that’s OK.

If you have been successful early in your writing career- well done; if not, you are not alone. Many are still striving to get there.

2.Stop checking your Stats Often

Do not be desperate and remain frenzied to get the stats climbing during your initial days. Checking the stats on your article too often might keep you anxious. On the flip side, very good stats might also get you smug. As long as you keep delivering good content, stats should not be the deciding factor of your work. Focus on your content first.

Once, you have decided to take up writing, get at least the title of the first 10 contents and then put your pen to paper. Let these contents be of diversified topics, and later you can settle down on a niche based on the stats.

3.Know your writing style

The internet has a soaring amount of articles explaining the most popular topics to write about, but at the end of the day, you are the one who has to write. Not all the topics might work for you. So, choose your niche based on your writing style. What is relevant today, might be irrelevant in few months. So, follow your instincts.

4.Read, read and read

An article with skyrocketing stats gives the needed adrenaline rush and is so wonderful when it happens. But, to let this not be a one-off instance, it is necessary to come up with engaging content.

To know the mindset of your readers , you have to be a reader first

It is the key to success and sustainability. It is necessary to read on varied topics to understand the expectation of readers. A good writer needs a good reader’s perspective. You never know, your perspective on writing might completely change on reading the right books.

5.Handle your burnout

Writing, as a hobby is much different from writing as a profession. When you write continuously, you might burn out soon for that instance anything that you do over a period of time.

Burnouts are the adversaries of any creative art- Especially for writing.

f you get monotonous and do not have a free flow of thought, the whole balance gets disturbed. To avoid this, take short breaks. Do something that excites you, like hanging out with friends, travel, reading, drawing, anything that brings you back to the zone.

6.Do not judge yourself based on likes and shares

The internet world can be toxic, getting us addicted to likes and shares. And monetizing based on these is even scarier. Let these be the factors that motivate you and not a tool that gauges your ability. The constant urge for attention could always distract us from quality work. The whole internet world runs on likes and shares. Most of the time, our work is rated based on how many people liked it, but little do we understand that not all of them out there really understand and like our piece of article. So, just relax!

7.Do not be a hustler

OK, this might sound a little different from many other bloggers out there. I have been advised to be a hustler and to try out different areas to succeed. Hustling might work for a few, maybe they have been good at it all along, but for me, the focus is what matters.

Success may be slow for non-hustlers; but when they do, it sustains

You may indeed succeed soon when you hustle, but what has made me successful is focusing on one avenue at a time. When I do it am 100% into it.

8.Give time the time

Relax! It takes time. If you have unique writing skills, and if you have the passion, success is definitely to follow. Shortcuts in Writing are never an option. If you do not understand the SEO logic, that is completely fine, not everybody understands it. When you start as a writer, your writing skills should take precedence, not your marketing skills.

When you start learning music, you do not perform right out of the practice session just because you learned one song. Many things could go wrong on a stage. It is the same with any creative art, writing too. That does not mean your first performance cannot be a hit, you just have to understand the stake.

Final thoughts

Writing is a powerful tool, not everybody can put their pen to paper. So, when we do it, let us do it diligently. Everybody has a different writing journey. Some of them just do it to express their thoughts, a few might be aspiring authors, a few do it just for money; whatever might be the reason, enjoy whatever you do.

You can make anything by writing -C.S Lewis

You can make money too. Just have patience and be truthful to the stories in your head. Success is sure to follow!

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