Why is Drishyam 2 a must watch

My inclination towards Malayalam films grew ever since this pandemic began. Recommendations for ‘must watch’ movies were majorly from this regional language. One such movie was Drishyam 1, which just blew my mind. The movie proved, how the art is above all the actors. After finishing my music class and with a blissful state of mind filled with so much of expectation after watching the first part, started watching Drishyam 2 and am so happy that not an iota of my expectations was shaken.

The first thing that made me happy was the same star cast, that made m instantly connect from where I left the first part. The initial conversation between Mohanlal and Meena, give the audience all the needed information for the continuity, saving all the flashback reels. A small financial development in their family, technology advancement (CCTV cameras) sets the relatable tone about the movie. The fact that Mohanlal is in the process of making a movie shows how he is still fond of his movies and nothing has deterred his passion from what happened in the past. The best part is that the hero trying to protect his family in the lines of what he knows well is the strength of this script.

Why is this movie a must-watch?

The Artists

The presence of every character in the movie had a meaning, none of them were a mere set property. The fact that they all blended so well in the story is what makes this movie epic. The auto drivers talking about the case when Mohanlal walks by sets a feeling that the hero is aware of the fact that the case is not over yet. Though it’s just a small portion, it adds a lot of value to the progress of the storyline.


Meena deserves a special mention for her acting, especially in the scene when Mohanlal sends her daughter to open the door when they hear police knock, the agony in her eyes was so genuine. The emotions she showed in the form of anger, pain, love was all so genuine and pure. Her emotions showing “I can’t take this anymore” were so relatable and as an audience, I was able to feel it.
Anju’s(older daughter) face always showed that she still has not overcome her past and how the family is trying hard to get her out of it. The sleepover episode had a small portion where Anu(younger daughter) discusses something with her friend, though the movie does not unravel in a big way around this, am thinking if this could be a starting point for the third part 😊

The script explaining that the hero’s efforts were not done overnight and there were years in its making, justifies the whole plot.

The tea shop

The director’s intention of bringing in a common point of meeting for all the characters cannot go unnoticed. It could have been the cable TV office, a bus stop, their house or any other location, but the fact that he used the ‘tea shop’ shows how observant he has been about the lifestyle around him. Tea shops are the major spots even today for ‘men gossip’ and apparently the movie gets its ‘tipping point’ right from this location.

The climax

After the cops had found the burial spot, as an audience my initial guess was to connect the dots with the opening scene. I was so elated that I was able to figure out the climax but guess what the director stands tall crushing all audience’s assumptions. Had the climax been something matching our expectation, there would have been lots of logical flaws like the timing, ‘how did he know’, and many more unanswered questions. The twist in the climax was epic, one should watch to enjoy it.

The success of any movie is a flawless storyline and how all the open plots are solved at the end; Biopics and movies based on true life apparently become a hit nowadays because one cannot find logical flaws in such genre. But to do the same in a fictional genre, it lays entirely on the capability of the director and Jeethu Joseph has mastered it with his ‘Drishyam’ brand.

I hope more such movies are made in keeping the audience engaged. Thanks to the whole team for such a wonderful movie.

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