Hark back to 2020

2020 has been a historical year and will be remembered by the generations to come. It has taught us a few important lessons that have flipped the lifestyle of many. The year made us take a pause and retrospect ourselves. This year, many of us have transformed for the better either physically or emotionally.

Apart from the pandemic, there had been many sensational events happening around the world. Right from China’s invasion, Black Lives matter, US Presidential election, the year 2020 had always kept us worrying about something or the other and never had a dull moment.
As 2020 comes to an end, it is important to hark back at the year and take away the lessons learned into the dawn of 2021.

Nature’s prowess:

2020 has proved once again that we cannot be prepared enough for natural calamities. Though technology and research are far advanced than they were years ago, nothing had kept us prepared for the COVID pandemic. When nature decides enough is enough, it can bring the whole world to a pause and restore itself. 2020 has made us realize that we need to stop abusing nature and understand that it must be preserved for the benefit of mankind.

Priorities rekindled:

Until COVID had hit us hard, our priorities were totally different. Our happiness had always been about external factors. We always wanted someone or something to make us happy. 2020 had taught us that happiness is to be found within ourselves. During the lockdown, the closure of restaurants/bars/cinema halls, helped us find happiness within our family and ourselves.
Focus on health and physical fitness became the topmost priority for most of us. Getting to spend more time at home, our lifestyles changed for the better. Most of us started developing daily routines of physical and mental exercise. With the privilege of time, we could get back to our once lost passion. Many of us have discovered new avenues in career growth, digital media being one such avenue.

Developed countries are not so developed:

COVID has given a new perspective in looking at a country’s development and has proved that development is not all about a nation’s wealth. The struggle faced by the developed nations in fighting the pandemic was relatively more, mainly because of their decentralized rules. An individual’s freedom took precedence over a nation’s interest in the case of many developed nations like the US, creating conflicts in wearing masks, following lockdown restrictions, and many more. The pandemic has made the leaders of these ‘developed countries’ retrospect their policies and rules. 2020 has shown a nation’s wealth alone does not give it a free pass from calamities.

Virtual world:

2020 has introduced us to the virtual world. Virtual gatherings, meetings, classrooms would have otherwise been impossible to be implemented. The year has taken technology to next level.

Achievements in Space:

2020 on earth has been a tough year for many, but in space, there were some amazing achievements made. NASA mars 2020 rover, the NASA Artemis program, the SpaceX crew dragon are a few of the main space events of this year.
With all these learnings and memories to cherish let us only take away the positives from 2020 into 2021.Hope 2021 is a new dawn to happiness and widens our horizon in all our endeavors. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2021.


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