5 signs that you are on the right path

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Have you woken up most of the mornings thinking about your career, relationship, or anything else that has been shaking your energy for long? Have you been wondering if you are wasting too much of your time and energy on something that is not working? Have you ever wondered, if you are moving ahead on the right path?

The universe always talks to us through different signs, but do we really see and understand them? Only if each one of us could decipher these signs, we would have been successful and the world would have seen more millionaires and billionaires. Life does not come to us on a platter, we will have to plan our menu.

I had recently watched an interview of J.K Rowling, where she explained her life before ‘Harry Potter, and nothing had worked before she landed on the story of Mr. Potter. Once, during a train journey, there was a flash of thought on witches, magic, and dementors and there was a strong intuition that this story would work. The rest is history. Once you are on the right path then there is never looking back. The universe guides us in its own subtle ways; it is just how we decipher them. Often people mistake the signs and either give up too early or keep trying on a losing horse.

So, what are those 5 signs?

1. Obstacles in your initial steps 

Whenever your journey starts in the right direction, the first sign is ‘obstacle’.

When you decide to wake up at 5:30 am every day, the first obstruction is (i)you go to bed late the previous night (ii) you would want to snooze the alarm(iii)You would have no motivation to wake up.

When you decide to develop the habit of reading (i) your work pressure might start mounting(ii) you would get so busy not finding enough time to read a book.

When you decide to reduce your temper(i) you get instigated by someone for no reason(ii) your stress level increases because of work or some random reason.

When you decide to give up on chocolates, you have guests at home with a box full of your favorite chocolates.

If you observe these signs, then it is life’s way of testing our perseverance and grit. Once you cross these hurdles with a conscious effort then nature starts to co-operate. It is just that you must understand the hint.

2. Lots of positive signs around you

You would be surrounded by many positive signs when you start progressing in the right direction. It is nature’s way of showing you.

When you decide to take your passion seriously (i) you start seeing lots of new opportunities to pursue the same(ii) people (who matter to you) around encourage you to take up your passion as a career.

Some random messages reach you through text or a friend’s phone call to not give up.

These are nature’s way of talking to you and guide you through the process. Just be vigilant to all these signs and keep going.

3. Your intuition gets so strong

Intuition has always played a main role in many successful people. Listen to this voice and set the tone onwards. The first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning always sets you in the right direction.

If you have been speculating on a relationship for quite a long and do not know if you should keep trying or just give up, listen to the voice that echoes as the first thing when you wake up.

If you are thinking of a career shift for a while, listen to the voice that asks you to keep trying or just give up and move on.

Most of the time intuitions can never go wrong. The inner voice echoes based on your ability, and you just have to go for it; seldom can it go wrong but believe me even if it does you will be able to handle it, given natures’ powerful training of your mind. Apparently, someone with grit and strong intuition can never fail.

4. The thoughts never go off your brain

When your thought process is headed in the right direction it just gets glued to your brain, it never goes off. There is an inner voice that keeps echoing to pursue your passion, do not ignore it!

If you have been deliberating on something and your gut feeling says you are on the right path, then the thought stays in your mind as a seed awaiting its blossom.

5. Feel highly motivated

If you are headed in the right direction, no negative comments can bring you down.

If you have a well-researched diet plan that you know would work for you then no negative comments could deter you from continuing with it. Your mind will never have the fear of ‘what if’.

You would not need any external motivation if you are undeterred on your goal. None of the factors could influence you and bring you down. The long stretch of work can never get you tired. Long work schedules can never get you exhausted. Any obstacle that comes your way would never seem big. Health co-operates in a big way keeping you energized all the time. These are all signs that you need to understand that the whole universe is guiding you.

Nature keeps teaching you the same lessons repeatedly until you learn them the right way. That is why many people face the same/similar type of problems repeatedly; It is just because you have not learned the lesson quite well yet. The universe is always listening to us, it is just that we must be loud and strong enough to get our voice heard.

“Never aim for a quick success; in fact, success should come to you at a point in life where you would be able to sustain it.”

Hope this blog also turns out to be a positive sign in your life. Just believe in yourself.

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