Knowing your Inner self !

Have you ever borrowed a book, a dress, or anything and have been cautious about returning them safely to the person whom you borrowed from? If yes, should we not return the soul that we have borrowed from the universe with the same amount of purity that we had borrowed? How many of us understand that taking care of our soul is as important as taking care of our physique? In today’s world, where there are countless distractions, we should take time to sit and focus on our inner self- ‘The Soul’.

How does our soul get disturbed?

Impressions on Twitter or recorded whenever we come across a tweet, similarly our soul records any visual/act/action that we come across as impressions. These impressions are referred to as ‘vasanas’ in the spiritual world.

Now, when we get so engrossed in these memories they are registered in our mind as a permanent impression. The picture of our favorite dessert on the internet gets our tastebuds triggered reminding us of the last time we tasted it. These impressions are the stains that disturb the purity of the soul. These impressions can be good or bad but when it stays in our mind the purity of the soul is compromised.

So, does this mean we should not have any likes or dislikes?

That can never be possible. Likes and dislikes towards anything or anybody is a human thing. The point is, we cannot let these emotions stay in our mind as a vasana. For example, when we have a spoonful of chocolate truffle ice cream, we enjoy it so much and make our brain record all the emotions and excitement involved around the incident. Now, every time we come across this food the soul records this as a ‘vasana’ and it would create further impressions. These impressions do not haunt us on the face every time, they remain dormant within until it is triggered by any of the 5 senses. When these impressions start haunting you daily then it becomes an addiction. We might all have a question now; shouldn’t we do anything regularly then? Like working out, going for a walk, learning music, dancing, etc.? These are just physical habits whereas ‘vasanas’ are mind habits. When we make sure that our physical habits do not disturb the sanity of our mind in any way then we are good.

Negative impressions

When we get mad at someone and develop a strong hatred towards them, the memory of that person is stored as an impression within. Whenever this person crosses our life it triggers the memory about them thereby further increasing their impression within us. This is not good for our mental state. During our lifetime if we do not find a way to remove these impressions the soul would hold on to it for several births. Nature lets a person remember only a finite number of memories in a lifetime based on his/her karma. When the baggage of karma gets heavier it gets transferred to the next birth and keeps following us; this is why it is essential to get rid of all these impressions.

So, how do we get rid of all the impressions and maintain the sanity of our soul?

First things first; do not get too attached to your likes or dislikes. Suppose you like eating mangoes, make sure a kind of fondness is not created towards the fruit, let us try avoid eating them a couple of times when we see them, thereby tricking your mind that they do not even exist. This action tries to reduce the impressions of our soul. Similarly, when somebody or something makes us upset, let us not hold onto it for long. Let us ignore and concentrate on something that keeps us going like listening to music, reading a book, etc. Now, one can think of what if music or books leave an impression within you. If we train our mind that these are just habits to keep us going, the mind never stores these as impressions. All these comes by practice and conscious attempts.

Meditation helps in purifying our soul by concentrating on your inner light. Initially, when we start meditating for a short duration, there is a sense of detachment from the outer world which helps to focus on our soul. Eventually, when the duration of our meditation increases, we will acquire the knack of controlling our mind. Once you acquire this skill it becomes your masterstroke. This is what is required; once we know how to control our mind then we can drastically reduce the number of impressions left on the soul. This ensures that the soul that we acquired from the universe is returned to the cosmic in the purest form to the best of our ability.

For people who wonder if this is all necessary; just think about all the beautiful new lives that are about to enter our family, we would really want them to inherit a noble and pure soul from the universe which is a storehouse of souls. Isn’t this a reason good enough to concentrate on one’s inner self?
So, let us all strive to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally.

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