Kids – what can we learn from them?

Everyone would agree that kids are a bundle of happiness. As they grow, they inherit a lot in their attitude from their parents and their social structure be it friends, extended family, neighbors, community etc. It is really astounding to know how they have been observing us all along. They watch how we handle our physical and mental health; how we handle failure; how we handle success; how we treat our family and much more . I would say more than our advice, our lifestyle is what they follow the most.

When I was a child, me and my siblings were never influenced by the arguments my parents had, in fact I do not even remember what was their argument about and how did they patch up later. On the contrary, kids of this generation are very observant; parents are being constantly judged. When me and my husband have any argument, my 9 year old asks us what are we arguing for and she gives her opinion which is sensible most of the times  ; and she is fully aware that her 3 year old brother is looking up to her.  

We have a lot to learn from the kids in return. I wanted to share couple of my conversations with my daughter.

We as a family like to hear soothing melodies before we go to sleep, the other day we were hearing an album of a singer who died recently. Me and my husband were enjoying it so much and were discussing how his voice was so pure and how a great singer he was, when my daughter asked us all of a sudden “Mommy, why is that we praise and talk about a person so much when they die and not care about them when they are alive?”;that was so true, we forget to appreciate some people in their lifetime and miss them so much when they are not around. This world needs more love and I truly wish all of us need to appreciate and care for people more when they are around.

The other day I was quite irritated with my hectic work schedule; though it was totally unintended I was being mad at everybody at home. My daughter had been observing this and came to me that night and said “Mommy, do you know that it is better not to talk to anybody when we are sleepy , annoyed or angry because we may end up saying something harsh”; Though I became normal soon I could understand how our mood could influence the family so much .When did she grow up so much ! 😊

Kids are like this beautiful nature; they give us so much and makes us learn lot from them. They react based on how we treat them. It is our responsibility to protect their innocence and shower them with love so they can pass it on for generations to come. We as parents have a lot to learn from our kids too. Let us enjoy this mutual learning and enjoy this symbiotic relation. It is awesome when kids so small but teach something up to be so big .

Please share in comments if you have any special anecdotes with your kids.

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