Bread pizza

This is a very simple dish that you can prepare in minutes if your kids are craving for pizza and you do not have the pizza base ready. This dish was introduced to be by my mom and it instantly became a big hit in our household.



Mozzarella cheese

Pasta/pizza sauce


Bell peppers


  • Heat a pan using double boiler method. Make sure the pan is hot enough before the bread is placed inside
  • Apply butter on both sides of the bread and let it be toasted on the pan for a couple of minutes.
  • Now apply some pasta sauce, cheese, cut jalapenos and bell pepper and leave it in the pan for 6 to 8 minutes until the cheese melts.

Double boiling method so the bread is not burnt
  • If it takes quite a while for the cheese to melt , place the pan directly on the stove top but make sure the bread is not burnt.
  • Once the cheese melts completely ,serve it hot on a plate.
Veggie bread pizza

Additionally, you can add olives and pineapple to give more flavors. If kids prefer just cheese, these veggies can be removed and served. I hope this quick alternative for pizzas will be liked by you all.



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