What Corona virus has taught us

Corona virus pandemic has definitely taken a toll on everybody’s life. But on the flip side it has also brought in many good changes to our lifestyles which could not have been possible during normal time.

Let us ignore all the conspiracy theories around the pandemic and just appreciate a few positive changes that the pandemic has brought in.

Environmental impact:

Pre-COVID ,pollution was the highest concern with global warming being one of the stumbling blocks. There were many campaigns across the world addressing global warming and it’s impacts. Though lock down has been hard on many  it helped in bringing down the pollution level significantly. Experts say that the largest ozone hole is now closed. Nature always knew how to restore itself when in need.

Lifestyle Impact:

COVID has made people retrospect their ive.Many focus on fitness now more than ever before (a)because of more personal time (b) to increase their immunity and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. People have started grasping more of their culture values and understand the real essence of a disciplined lifestyle.  The Indian lifestyle , a few decades earlier had followed a disciplined routine which included all the “to-be” followed now precautionary measures for COVID, like washing your legs and hands every time you get back home, turmeric as an alternative for any other antiseptic, including spices like ‘Black Pepper’ in their diet etc. All these has now become the new norm.

Educational Impact:

Social distancing ,one of the key measures in slowing down the spread of COVID , has in turn affected educational institution setup. Remote learning though not proven that effective like in-School learning, it has been accepted as an alternative and kids/teachers are slowly getting used to this pattern. Home schooling is also being considered as an option by many parents . Though kids would definitely miss being around other kids when home schooled, education to them is assured given the teachers are qualified enough. Though these are huge changes in a student’s life mentally, they will slowly get used to all these and evolve. I feel  moving forward, “Education from Anywhere” could become a more realistic option, though lots of research has to go into it to make it effective.

Economical Impact:

Now ,this is a huge impact . Many are not fortunate enough to run their family staying at home. COVID is a period when unemployment claims climbed exponentially.

Retail, Food and travel/tourism industries are the hard hit ones. On the flip side if you see these were the industries that made huge profits in a Pre-COVID scenario. Does this ring a bell? Is nature balancing it out? Travel industry could always swing their prices knowing the peak seasons when people are bound to travel, but this will not be the case post COVID. No algorithm will be able to decide the peak seasons. Travel industries have to seriously evolve with better strategies. Pre COVID a major part of our travel  was a luxury affair ,now it is sheer necessity.

The Oil prices were a big deal breaker. Because of the dip in gas consumption ,countries that had contracts for oil sale has lost much of their revenue and this has worsened in time causing a geopolitical stir. It’s a no-brainer that when so many industries have taken a hit, the share market which is just so tightly intertwined with all these gets slashed.

Now, people have started seriously thinking on a minimalist lifestyle. New avenues like digital marketing, blogging etc. are being explored as serious alternatives to keep life going on. Art/Creation/Innovations are booming. After all “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

Relationship Impacts:                                                                     

The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise in some ways, one of them being more family time. For most of them the bond has strengthened whereas for some it has been overwhelming. With travel taken a hit, most families are forced to involve themselves in a more conversational bond. These are small things that we can start appreciating to get ourselves a bit motivated.

Having said all this , the destruction this virus has brought in is so much. Many families have lost their loved ones .  My heart goes out to each one of them. Let us try to count the little blessings that nature offers to us and fight this tough time in solidarity.

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